Friday, April 25, 2008

A Horse, Fish and a Pug... Animals and Childhood

Childhood and Animals go hand in hand... When I was growing up in the Bay Area I always dreamed of having a horse for my own. I wanted a Palomino or Stallion. Every year on my birthday until the 6th grade before I blew out the candles on my cake I would wish for a horse. I just knew one day I would have a horse. Then one day... when I was in 6th grade on a Christmas morning my dad said to my sister and I "go out side and check to see whose there". It was a cold day and we weren't quiet sure what our dad was up to but we ran to the front door and when we opened it there was a beautiful Shetland pony. His name was "Rusty" and he was standing on our front porch. It was a great day.

Good ol' Rusty he was a beauty and soon I would come to find out that he also had a temper. One day after my dad had built our corral, shed/barn for our new pony he decided to put a 'big horse' saddle on Rusty and then he told my sister Sabina to get on... of course she refused (some sort of smart girl intuition that apparently I had not acquired) and so my dad told me to get on... so of course I did. Very soon afterwards I found myself flying through the air and landing on my back near the fence of the corral. I was stunned and a bit scared... all Sabina could do is laugh. We didn't have Rusty for long but he was quiet a horse and I did love him.

Anyway, a few years later when I was 15 I decided I wanted some fish and so I got a very large fish tank with about 1/2 a dozen different fish. Unfortunately, within a few weeks I had killed them all by over feeding them...

Now my daughter Alexey wants a pug this summer. I love dogs, so I am thinking I can't wait to get a dog this summer and as long as we don't put a saddle on the it or I am not in charge of the feeding than I think we'll be just fine.

Anyway what is childhood like without Pets. It teaches children responsibility, love, caring, acceptance... and you know the rest. 

Next Blog .... Volunteering at the Oregon Zoo... the animal theme continues...


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Sabina said...

Of course one of my favorite all time childhood stories - when "Santa" delivered Rusty to our front porch and another great story - your bronco busting days. I can still see you flying through the air.

I've never seen that picture of you - it's really cute. I have a very similar photo taken on horseback at about the same age up at Lake Tahoe. I miss horseback riding. There is a wonderful riding stable on the way to Dad's - you've probably seen it - Caitie always talks about wanting to learn to ride so maybe in the next few years we'll look into that.

Can't wait for your next post!!

Love ya,