Thursday, April 17, 2008

Good Times.. Good Times...

Donner Lake, 2002

Idea: Think of a word or a saying that keeps you in the moment, or reminds you of the past, a word that keeps the peace or one that just makes you laugh.

My girls, Alexey and Addisen and I have picked up on a saying that just makes us laugh... 'Good Times... Good Times'... We say this around the house all the time and I like it because even when we're not having good times, I say it anyway. Annoying, yes... but good annoying (there is such a thing) you know.

So here's to past good times... and annoying good times to come


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Sabina said...

I love this picture - as Chris says - "It's epic."

Mark and I have a word we use to keep the peace. If he uses it I just break up laughing every time. He of course came up with it...Hong Kong.

Got your email and phone message.

Love ya,
Sabina ~

It's almost your birthday!!!