Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Singing Elvis

Last week while I was driving home from work and I was talking on the phone (in Oregon we can talk on our cell phones, drive and listen to someone serenade us Elvis at the same time) to my Mom when an Elvis impersonator drove up next to me at a red light... he said, in his Elvis voice, "Helloo Baby"... I'm Elvis and then he started singing "It's Now or Never"... he followed along side of my car for at least 15 blocks, singing and laughing. Every time I'd try to get away... he'd speed up next to me... he even shouted out "don't try to get away from me darlin"... so I listened and then when he realized that he had missed his turn a few blocks back... he shouted out "See you on the Internet". What did that mean? Anyway, it was fun, funny and weird... so that's what they mean when they say... "KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD"

What was great about this is that the Elvis impersonator was freely doing his own thing... he had created his own world... I like that... but I still like the 'original' Elvis better.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Alexey... Relaxing in the Pool

Happy Alexey...

Pool therapy

Addisen... beauty meets mischievous

Just a few minutes prior to the beauty shot... this is what Addisen was doing

It's so great to see Addisen when she is calm but I also love this adventurous/mischievous side in her. I guess because it reminds me of myself. I know that this would aggravate a lot of parents but I love it!!! I love that she is floating her sandles down this 'human-made' stream in the middle of Windsor, California...

As Addisen would say ... 'You Rock'

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Family, Friends and Neighbors

Addisen at the Warm Puppy Cafe, Santa Rosa, CA

Carolyn and Jaden, Alameda County Fair - Pleasanton

Addisen, Madison and Deanna... B.Day Party at the Bowling Alley

Addisen, Mom, Dad, and Alexey in Windsor, Ca

The past few weeks in California have been amazing and I just wanted to say how much fun it was to be with my family again in California... lots of swimming and hanging out in the sun; meeting up with old friends... we tried to see everyone but didn't get to see all of our friends (sorry) and of course coming home to neighbors and friends at work... thanks for a great time in California

California Peeps - lots of love to Sabina, Mark, Ben, Chris, Kaitie, Faith, Andy, Dad, Mom, Dick, Carolyn, Lawrence, Jaden, Jackson, Deanna, Madison, Melissa C, Dawn, Steve!!! Thanks for the good times!!!!

Portland Friends - thanks Amy, John, Liam and Shawna for taking care of our animals and our house.

Portland SWCA - thanks for all the hugs and 'generous' Welcome Back to Portland I received when I got back into work last Wednesday.

Lots of Love

Stacey, Alexey and Addisen